The Power of the patch

EfFortlesS Vitality, Simplified & Found in a Patch.


Discover! The Power Of the Patch

Patented Breakthrough Technology

Unleash vitality effortlessly. Discover the patch that energizes your lifestyle.

X39 stands as a genuine breakthrough. With its patented wellness technology, X39 enhances the natural flow of your body’s intrinsic energy, promoting comprehensive well-being and an energetic lifestyle.

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Understanding the Science


The science of phototherapy, which has been around for about 100 years, uses light to improve the health of the body. As far back as two thousand years ago, the ancient Greeks had a center for studying the effects of different colored lights on the body. Even the ancient Egyptians, who promoted health by focusing sunlight through colored glass on certain areas of the body, understood this concept.

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X39 is a true breakthrough


Wear Your Wellness

Energy & Vitality

Reawaken Your Inner Vitality and Reclaim an Active Spirit.

Overall Wellness

Access your Body’s inherent energy to elevate your holistic well-being.

Pain Relief

Radid Pain Relief and Reduced Inflammation

Mental Clarity

Unlock mental clarity for sharper focus, thoughts, aligned with enhanced well-being.

Better Sleep

Improve Your Sleep quality and quantity so you can sleep better and more deeply.

Faster Healing

Accelerate healing with the patch powerful for faster recovery.


Improved Skin

Improve the appearance of your skin.


Enhance your Physical Performance & Reduce Recovery Time for from Exercise.

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